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Thanasis Triaridis


Thanasis Triaridis is an established author and playwright born in 1970 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Between 1996 and 2001 he was an activist for the social rights of Roma gypsies and since 2009 he is a declared conscientious objector. In the last 17 years he has published 48 titles, including short stories and works of fiction, most notably Deathwind breathing on Koupela, Lemonmellons and Diamondjuice. He has also published more than 300 essays and articles on aesthetics and politics and he has been involved with a number of publishing houses as the managing editor of various book series and journals. Since 2007 he has also been organising and delivering a popular seminar series where he examines different aspects of European civilisation.

As a playwright, Triaridis has also been very active in the last decade especially, having published (in print and online) a total of 18 plays. Some notable titles include Historia de un amor or the ants, Mengele and Lebensraum. More than half of his published plays have been produced for the stage in Athens and other cities in Greece, Cyprus and Germany and they have been translated into English, French and German.